Can anyone answer these questions


Look I move up to the mercury but I don't find this phone any faster than the the last phone.well here are the questions ? 1.YouTube. very slow,2. The web also,3. And the market wount even load. Please help.


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The Market is not called the market anymore. it;s called the the google play store, or just "play store" so look for that app.

I'll let someone else answer your questions if they have anything to add. I recommend you call Cricket since this is a new phone and make sure that your getting a good signal. When I first got my phone it worked well at first, but then stopped working well for a day. After I called and reset the phone and had some patience the phone started to work just great within a day or two.


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Could you be over your 1 GB data limit for the month? That would explain the slow internet and problems with YouTube. The market will time out and not load if your connection is too slow, but mine still usually works even after throttling. When people talk about the "speed" of the phone, they are usually more talking about smoothness of scrolling through screens, speed of opening menus, and stuff like that, not really internet speeds which depend on the carrier and your signal strength.