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Can anyone help me with my HTC Amaze 4G?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jro603, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. jro603

    jro603 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i just got a replacement phone from my insurance provider and up until the last couple of days or so everything was fine

    recently though, i've had a problem with the battery. the battery life is pretty decent, but every once in a while the phone will just randomly shut off, then when i turn the phone back on the battery will be drained by a significant amount. just now my battery was about 30%, it shut off when i was playing a game (note, i dont think its the game because its happened before when the phone was idle in my pocket too) and when i turned it back on the phones battery went from about 30% to less than 10%

    if i go to settings > about phone > battery, and look at the battery usage, i see a steady decline in battery life on the chart from regular usage and idle, but then i see a straight line going down where my phone shut off, it's almost as if the battery life just disappears

  2. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums!

    Let's chat here just a bit and depending on how it goes, one of us will transfer the discussion to either your phone's device forum or the Android Lounge. :)

    One thing that eat a battery out of the blue is when the phone goes into a runaway syncing loop. You'll notice the circle of two arrows chasing each other staying constant in notification bar if that is happening.

    Tell us about the replacement. Do you know if the unit was refurbished or new? How long have you had this one? Did you keep your old battery and if so, how old might it be?

    It can take a short while for calibration data to build up so that you can trust that battery chart, by the way.
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  3. jro603

    jro603 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Alright, so I took a couple screenshots and I noticed the two arrows in a loop you were

    talking about. Right now theyre not there, but now you mentioned it i have seen them before

    As far as my phone, I think it is a refurbished version, I got the white colored amaze and to the best of my knowledge the white version was discontinued. I just got the replacement phone last week so I've only had it a short time. There were no problems up until yesterday or the day before

    In one of the screenshots you'll see the battery indicator is grey colored, this only happens after my phone does the stupid reset, could that mean its a hardware issue


  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Try this - go into main settings, Accounts & sync, and turn off all syncing. Power down phone, remove battery for 60 seconds, power back up. Restore your sync settings (hint, just sync what you care about).

    The sync circle should come on for a short time, probably less than two minutes, and then flash really quickly and insignificantly after that (unless you have a lot of Facebook or Twitter activity).

    If it's the sync process confused or a stuck memory bit, that is a known cure.

    Let's see what happens.
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  5. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Here we are in the HTC Amaze 4G area now.. let's see what other users have to say. :)
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  6. jro603

    jro603 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    tried doing this but no luck. i thought it was gonna work but then sure enough, today when my battery was about 45% it shuts off, turn it back on and it says its now at 9%

    now it wont even turn on, battery is completely dead

    its gotta be something hardware related
  7. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Member

    It sure sounds like a problem with the phone, or the battery. You can get more information on what's consuming power with a couple of Market apps which I like, Battery Monitor Widget (enable history recording, 2 minute rate of measure) which can show you how fast the battery is depleting, and SystemPanel, which shows you which apps are using the CPU. Same again, enable history recording. Pro version is worth the cost, you can compare an app with cpu activity to tell which is consuming cycles when you're not watching.

    I sometimes see the "gaps" or sudden drops in power, but the monitor app picks up and these momentary drops seem to be a glitch. Your experience seems to suggest the monitoring circuit is faulty, or the battery is faulty.
  8. shuvarts

    shuvarts Lurker

    Have you find out what cause the problem by any chance? I also got the same problem too.

    In case this can help anyone to explain to me what actually happened, here's my story...
    So, I bought my phone off from craigslist, used it for a couple weeks and it work fine. As far as I remember, these are the things that I did a few days prior to the problem.
    I installed some apps (one of them is swipepad) and changing my launcher; which I doubt to be the problem.
    I also did this trick in my attempt to improve battery life:
    I wanted to post the link; but I can't since this is my first post. So, I will just post what the thread says at xda
    "To also help with Battery Life you can do these steps exactly: 1) Turn your device ON and Charge the device for 8 hours or more 2) Unplug the device and Turn the phone OFF and charge for 1 hour 3) Unplug the device Turn ON wait 2 minutes and Turn OFF and charge for another hour Your battery life should almost double, we have tested this on our devices and other agents have seen a major difference as well."
    The thread was not specifically for htc amaze, but apparently it was a reply from htc and some people say it worked; so, I decided to give it a try.

    As far as I remember, the next day after I did all those, my phone started to randomly shuts down. Sometimes (not always, but quite often) when I turned it back on, the battery goes down by about 25%. I also want to note that I think the problem usually occur when my battery drops below 50-60%. When I just finished charging it, there is no problem at all.

    I was initially using the 1950 mAh Anker battery. And since I read that it might be battery problem, I switched back to the original battery that I got and do a factory reset. The first one or two days passed with no problem. But today, it starts to do the random shut down again. I still have the same apps though which include the swipepad that I recently installed. I am going to try uninstalling it hoping that it would fix the problem (which I am doubtful will work but worth the try I guess)

    If anyone knows what the problem is or how to fix it, please let me know!
    Thanks a lot!
  9. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Member

    Do you have the greyed out battery with exclamation point? That's got to be a "bad battery or charge circuitry fault" indicator.

    I would factory reset and don't install any apps for 72 - 96 hours. Set up only your primary Gmail account to sync. No updates. YES this is a major PITA, I've done it twice to troubleshoot HTC problems, it stinks.

    But. This will confirm if it's the phone, for something you're installing or doing. Sure sounds like hardware faults at work. I'd turn off the haptic feedback, though, I'm sure that's a battery drain.
  10. shuvarts

    shuvarts Lurker

    Thanks for the reply. I will give another factory reset a try pretty soon.

    Just for an update, out of so many shut down that I got, I got the grey battery with exclamation mark only once. After that, it still sometimes do the random shut down; but not with the grey battery. If it is the greyed out battery with the exclamation mark, will getting a new battery solve the problem?

    Also, I haven't really do anything except switching between my two batteries lately and the random shut down is not as often anymore (still about once a day though). Today, the phone suddenly shut down at about 60% when I was just "started" to browse the web. After that, my phone battery temperature seems to be pretty high all the time (I use app called battery indicator). It shows about 35 C with no usage. When I just start to do some light browsing, it quickly goes up to about 42 C (which made me stop browsing ofc). The high temperature just happened today for the first time though.

    So, basically, I got pretty lucky by only getting about 1 shut down a day for the past few days (which is unacceptable for this kind of phone).... Does this sounds like battery problem at all? :thinking:
  11. DublinDemons

    DublinDemons Lurker

    Cut a business card in half and put it under the battery. Mine will still turn off, but only a couple times a month now, instead of a couple times a day.
  12. mawais15

    mawais15 Newbie

    Hello guys,

    I've also about the same problem, My Amaze is Asian version with JuopunutBear S-OFF and ICS Speed Rom installed.
    The problem with my phone is that while its charging or in use, it doesn't shut down, but when idle for some time with no music application running in background, it shut down.
    then it doesn't turn on unless you pull the battery for a while and re insert it,

    Can anyone plz tell me what's the issue, is it battery or some culprit application?

    Thanks :)
  13. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Android Enthusiast

    There isnt a need to post in 2 threads about the same problem, ill see it ;)
    Look at the other thread you posted for my response because i think it goes better in that thread.

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