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Can anyone make a custom rom to this phone please?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rick Woodman, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. Rick Woodman

    Rick Woodman Lurker
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    It's the P31 pro and it does not have a custom rom made for it yet, so was wondering if anyone could make one for it? please it really needs one☝


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    Post #3 by ocnbrze, Sep 26, 2019 (1 points)
  3. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    yeah so this is how it goes:
    if you want to root your phone, consider it before you purchase it. if you already have a phone, please keep in mind that not all phones are rootable.

    also before you dive into rooting, be prepared to do some research first. some phones are more complicated in the root process then others. the more prepared you are, the less chance of things going wrong.

    with that said where should i go for research? well the best place to go is referenced by @Dannydet.....and that is at xda developers forum. this is a developer's forum where they post their goodies including their roms, kernels, themes, mods and anything else root related. when you are at xda look into their sub forums and find your phone. if there is a section for your phone, that is a good start. next check to see how the development is for the phone. look into the roms, kernels, recovery sub forum. if you see a lot of threads then you are golden. this means that there is a dev community for the phone.

    just remember one thing:
    no devs=no fun

    but i just want to root the phone to get rid of bloatware. yes i get that, but the coolest thing is that there are some amazing custom roms out there that can optimize, your phone, get rid of bloatware, and increase battery life. i would do some research on custom roms......provided that there are devs creating these for your phone.

    the main tool you will want, if you can root your phone, is a custom recovery. a custom recovery is the main tool of any rooted phone. with a custom recovery, you can make a complete backup of your phone (called a nandroid backup) and that includes all data. it is like a save point in a video game. this way if you try to install a custom rom (this process is called flashing), and things go wrong, you can just go back to recovery and restore one of your backups

    so what do i do, if there is no section for your phone?. i suppose you can throw it out there over at xda and see if any devs are willing to take some time to try and root your phone.

    even if they did give you a way to root, what then? there is no custom rom. there is no custom recovery.

    well i can just make changes and get rid of the bloatware. this is true, but most bloatware is tied into the system of apps of the phone. if you delete one app, you might make another app useless and with no way to make a nandroid backup, you screwed!!!!!!!! the only thing you can do is flash a firmware update depending on your phone and manufacturer to get a working phone back.....keep in mind this also factory resets your phone.

    so to answer your main question:
    can anyone make a custom rom for my phone? again there are a few devs here who might help, but first you have to root your phone. i have looked and found a few threads:
    these threads are few years old so i do not know if the links work or not.

    but the questions is......do you really want to root it? there are no devs working on your phone. you will not have a custom recovery. you run the risk of bricking your phone with no way to back things up or restore.

    good luck and sorry for the long post. i hope you read everything and please fell free to ask away.....don't be shy.
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  5. Rick Woodman

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    Thanks for the reply but my phone is a P31 pro which has no custom rom so I'm not even going to bother asking anyone anymoree cause I don't want to brick it.
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