can anyone recommend a gamepad thats not too expensive?


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Hi, i only play games now and then on my tablet so i don't need a brilliant expensive one, i just want one that will do the job and make game playing on certain games (gta, sonic etc) better, i find using the screen all the time a bit rubbish and makes me not want to bother with the games i have.

can anyone recommend one?



Any recommendations? I've had mixed reviews as most people say just get PS3 controller, but then its down to the game if it works or not.


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I found for better compatibility with games that support controllers, the xbox 360 or ps3 are the popular and well supported. I had a wireless xbox 360 controller, but the wireless adapter broke. Got the wired replacement instead since it was cheaper (~30 with taxes on sale), also easier to grip without the battery compartment.

Edit: at least with the xbox 360 controller for Windows, you can also use it for the desktop with games that support it (and there's quite a bit). So it's not a total waste.