Root Can anyone recommend a ROM


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I'm using LeeDroid HD 3.3 just now, which sense based, which I love... Apart from the fact that most days, it freezes!

I'm thinking about going back to an official sense ROM, can anyone recommend where I could possibly get a stable sense ROM?


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I thought LeeDroids were stock too.
I used LeeDroids for about 20min and never used Teppics so I couldn't really compare.


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depends what you think rooted stock means.

A rooted stock rom is a stock rom taken from an RUU with root added to it. Leedroid is not rooted stock, it is a custom rom based on stock.

You cannot alpharev s-off if you are on a leedroid rom, its too custom. Leedroid roms used to be based on MoDaCo Roms. Not sure anymore but they are very customised.


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Thanks guys.

I'm using Teppic now, although its been on the older sense, its so much more stable! No freezes in 3 1/2 days...


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Supernova, if you want the clean Official GB Rom with 2GB Internal memory, with a couple of nice touches. Only requirement: a moderately fast card.