Can anyone tell me what make/model this case is please?


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Sorry for starting a new thread but as this is a cry for a specific case, rather than a generic question about a cases, I thought it prudent to do so rather than taking my question on to someone else's thread.

I've just bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 i910 (UK) and I want to get an extended battery for it.

I'm going to go with the official Samsung battery which comes with a new case back that is slightly further out than the stock one (thereby making the camera flush instead of proud and making the vast majority of cases useless). This makes things slightly different when it comes to cases. I don't like bumper cases and want something that is book (wallet) style with a cover for the screen.

With that in mind, i'm looking for a case identical to the one attached (it belongs to a friend who had it bought for him a year ago and he doesn't know where from) and wondered if it rings any bells with anyone and whether someone could point me towards where I can buy one from please? I've scoured the net and have found numerous cases that are similar but none that are the same. I don't want one with a credit card slot, ID window or flap at top/bottom, just something that is plain and functional like the attached picture. The case below is perfect as it will slightly expand to take a phone with an extended battery.

For reference, the top screen surround is leather covered metal and the sides are also leather.


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Hmmn, I thought the cover might be a bit obscure. i've spent hours today searching for the case above and can only find a couple that are vaguely similar which I guess I could attack with a craft knife to make it fit my needs better.

One case is the Novoskins Verus Premium Diary case.

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of this case please as the reviews I have found seem to indcate that as the leather is so thick, it is virtually impossible to fold the front of the case round to the back for ease of holding?