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Nov 21, 2009
I notice sometimes while in call, there is a little icon in the notification bar, it's green and shows a little black phone, with a lock, set to the unlocked position.

Anyone know what this means?
I am not entirely sure what the lock is all about but it comes up every time I am on a call. I wonder if it has something to do with rather the phone was locked or unlocked when the call was placed.
In the Manual, that came with the phone, it says that means "Call in Progress - Voice Privacy Locked/Unlocked). (Manuals are fun, and informative.)

In the CALL SETTINGS section of your phone's settings, there are options to check "Request voice privacy if possible", and "Notify me when voice privacy in unavailable".
Well we obviously know that the icon is initiated at the call start up whether or not you are connected, but I searched for an hour on the internet about the unlocked padlock and came up with the following opinion based on the almost nothing I found. - If I am off base or completely wrong I take no responsibility.

I have a feeling it has something to do with Voice Privacy and secure lines. Which from what I read isn't really a concern these days at Sprint and other wireless carriers because they have taken proper security measures to make sure your calls cannot be intercepted/monitored OTA unless you have direct access to Sprints tower/routing/cellular equipment.

We all have the option to turn it on/off from the: Settings > Call Settings > Voice Privacy (checkbox)

Hope this helps...

LoL - Question answered from User Manual no doubt.
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LMAO! I admit it, my manual is down in my laundry room in the bag with my phone box. I was just lazy I guess. :p

I thought maybe that had to do with my screen not locking after 10 seconds while in call like some people on here say their screen does. Guess not... oh well. :)