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Can anything be done?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TinkerPhil, Sep 23, 2014.

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    Sorry my first post is a plea for help...

    I upgraded my S2 to the latest config using Kies - nothing exotic just standard.
    The upgrade seemed to go well and the phone rebooted ok.
    I then updated snapchat and put the phone down.
    10 Minutes later the phone was very warm and refused to turn on.

    I was then told that the data on the phone was precious (!!) and now need to recover that data.

    Yes, I know, I should have done a backup :eek:

    There are no signs of life.
    I have tried:
    Taking the battery out for hours and retrying
    Taking the battery out for hours, holding the on button down for a few seconds, replacing the battery and retrying
    By 'retrying' I mean trying to turn it on and/or trying to get it into up or download modes (whilst pressing the home key and the volume up/down key whilst restarting)
    I have done all these with the original battery and with a charged battery from another S2. I have checked the original batter works in that other S2 too (it was fine)

    I made a 'jig' in the hope that it might help - but nothing happened.

    Whatever I do, the screen remains resolutely off.

    If I try to charge the phone, it gets hot near the camera but does not particularly help.

    Is there anything I have missed or could try?

    What are my available next steps to data (and ideally phone) recovery?

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