Can apps be used on a PC?

We have purchased a few books from Oceanhouse Media for our tablet. We are taking the tablet back because we just don't use it enough to justify its purchase.

Anyway, I was wondering if there is a way to play these books on a PC. Here is one of the books:

I could use my Prevail but it would be kinda small. Especially for following the words. I saw that there were some emulators that showed the apps in a mock phone. All I care is that the screen size would make this enjoyable to use.


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Yes you can. You can use Microsoft Reader or a free version called Calibre. I use Calibre for my ebooks. It does install a Bing search bar but is easily removed, and is safe. Here is the link...Calibre - Download CLick on the green download link. Hope this helps you.


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Is Calibre just for ebooks.

I forgot to mention these books, like the one in the link, run as actual apps. They are interactive, so they are not in normal ebook formats.


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Yes its only for ebooks. If you want to run a apk. you will need to download Android SDK and load a virtual device. May not be worth the trouble. Not sure if there are any other programs out there that will run an app in windows, but ill ask around. You might be able to get an iso of a rom and run it off Daemon, but thats a long shot. you could give this a how to install apk on PC