Aug 11, 2012
Dear forum members,

I don't know if this is against the rule of the forum, if so please ignore it. But if not, I appreciate your 1 min to vote for a phone review on Huawei's official website.

I got a Huawei Honor 5X phone for a user review contest and was luckily enrolled into a chance on my birthday to get the phone for free to replace my not-working phone to call my family. It is really a good budget phone under $200 IMHO. But the contest is ending tomorrow and I was caught up by others in the past hours despite I have been updating my detailed review day by day. In case you have a minute to check the details and would like to help vote for my phone review posted athttp://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-436, here is the 2-step instruction. 1. Openhttp://club.hihonor.com/us/login to register a Huawei account by clicking the register link. 2. Go to my review athttp://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-436, at the bottom right of the first post of the thread, click the "votes" link, and you are done. If you also want to catch up with Huawei's giveaway or contest events, keep an eye on their contest forum. That is how I got the chance of reviewing the device. Thank you for voting and spread the word!

It has 13MP rear and 5 MP front camera which offers features, including a Time Lapse mode, Panorama, HDR, Watermark, and slow motion capture. There’s even a setting to control the audio in video mode.
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