Can I automatically adjust call-in volume outside noises


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Hi all!

I like to know are there any app that can automatically adjust the call-in volume according to the noise? (Using Tasker also OK)

When I'm taking a call in a noisy place automatically increase the call-in volume and silent place reduce the volume. Just like the Intelligent Ringer app.

Because I have an issue with my galaxy S3, if I take a call-in silent place, others can hear other person sound.


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It should be possible because you have that tiny mic at the top of the s3 but ive never heard of an app that does it. Its a good idea though :thumbup:
remember while in a call, the volume buttons will control the volume


it's Noise reduction: When enabled, the effect of background noise is suppressed, to help you and the other caller hear better.

follow below steps for disabling

1. From the Home screen, touch Phone icon.
2. Touch options Menu ➔ Call Settings ➔ Additional settings.
3. Touch Noise reduction to enable or disable the option.


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Yeah noise cancelation works by hearing the ambient sound and putting out an "opposite" sound to counteract it but the op wants an app that adjusts call volume depending on ambient noise which is a good idea i think :)