Help Can I change out the battery in my HD?


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So I have the XT925(Droid Razr HD).

I am wondering if anyone has taken out the battery and put in the maxx's?
I'd like to try and just wanted to know if I'd run into any problems?


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possible? likely, since the original razr/maxx was able to. you'd probably need more than just the battery, tho. things like the backplate at least.

and goodbye any kind of warranty or insurance
Where can you purchase a Maxx HD battery and how much is the cost?

I did the conversion on the og razr. It will most likely be a few months or more before you can find the parts to do it. I have already looked for maxx hd parts and the only real option is to buy a broken maxx hd and hope you are able to do it.


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The issue is with this phone everything attaches to the backplate. So you also have to do a complete tear down of the phone to convert.