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Can I disable or Do I need to disable 4g Radio? (No 4G coverage available here)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DroidGnome, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. DroidGnome

    DroidGnome Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok just got my Evo and going through all the settings, I noticed the 4G setting constantly says "Turning On"... does that mean it's spending battery life trying to find a signal?

    If so, how do I disable the 4g antenna completely? (4G coverage is not available where I live). Everything is 'grey' and pressing the icon in the widget, nor settings seems to have any effect.

    Or is this not even necessary?

  2. mikevember

    mikevember Member

    Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > 4G
  3. DroidGnome

    DroidGnome Member
    Thread Starter

    Thank you but as posted.. I see where the setting IS... but that wasn't my question :)

    On that menu the 'status' of the 4g radio is listed as "Turning on" constantly...
  4. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    Sounds dirty ...... disable it if you have no 4G. It's searching and can't find anything.
  5. DroidGnome

    DroidGnome Member
    Thread Starter

    *sigh* maybe I need to rephrase my question again.

    HOW do you disable it? As I stated in the original post, pressing the line in the settings window does nothing, it's gray and non-responsive. That's the entire point of this thread.

    It appears to be searching, yes.. that's why I asked in the first place... but I cannot figure out how to disable it.
  6. esone1ll

    esone1ll Android Enthusiast

    Isn't there an HTC widget that lets you toggle the 4G radio on and off?
  7. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    It's in the same place that bluetooth & wifi settings are. Just go into settings, it's very obvious. The phone isn't on me right now.
  8. companyman

    companyman Member

    I had this issue when I first got the phone this morning. It appears to have some lag turning on and off. I actually think I hit the buttons so many times that it got "stuck" Had to restart the phone to make it respond to touch again.
  9. DroidGnome

    DroidGnome Member
    Thread Starter

    And we have a winner!!!! :D I removed the battery and reinserted (since I had to swap out SD cards anyway) and when it came back the button was showing "Turn 4g on" which indicates it's OFF now :) whew...

    So for anyone else who's 4G appears stuck in 'search' mode... Companyman's solution should work.. Thanks again!
  10. companyman

    companyman Member

  11. TRiP

    TRiP Newbie

    Just facing this issue now.
    I turned off and on the phone. Took the batter out and put it back.
    Still, when i turn on the phone, my 4G setting states "Turning on..." but never turns on!

    I'm sure a hard reset will fix this, but wanted to see if there was another option.

    Any ideas?
  12. wase4711

    wase4711 Android Expert

    i have the same problem too; turning it off it wireless setting doesnt do anything; is there a "hack" of some sort to just disable the 4g radio?


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