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Can I do this on the Note 5?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alec92, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. alec92

    alec92 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,

    I have a Galaxy Note 3 presently and it's having some minor software issues + issues with the loudspeaker. I can't be bothered fixing them - so I'm going to use it as an excuse to upgrade! Therefore, I'm going to get a Note 5. I haven't researched it much but assume it's a big improvement on the Note 3...

    I don't use my phone for anything more than calls, messages, emails, Facebook and Snapchat really. I'd like to keep it as stock as possible, but I do need the following features:

    1) Bypass exchange security settings on emails that require you to put a PIN/Password to unlock your phone every single time. I have been able to do this on the Note 3.
    2) Remove messages from the call log. Not sure if this was fixed in the newer android versions but it was very annoying when I first got my phone. I only want to see calls in my call log.

    How can I do the above on the Note 5 with the least amount of stuffing around/customising my phone?

    Also, are there any 'must have' accessories for the Note 5? And should I be considering any other phones as alternatives before I go ahead and buy a Note 5?




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    Post #4 by Kaitlin Tilley, Feb 20, 2016 (3 points)
  3. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    I'm not sure on that,as my employers Exchange/Outlook email doesn't have a PIN or,any type of lock requirement.

    As for removing messages from the call log,I'm assuming you mean deleting individual phone calls?
    If so,yes,removing individual calls from the call log is possible.

    Should you look at other devices?
    Absolutely,especially if expandable storage (SD Card) is desired,which the Note5 lacks.
    If you're on T-Mobile US,the NOTE4 is on sale for $475 & JMHO,a better device,I screwed up by selling mine & getting the Note5.
    Besides,if you don't use the S-Pen,that would be reason enough to consider other phones.

    Mobile World Congress convenes Feb22,I'd give all the new devices introduced a look before making a decision.
  4. alec92

    alec92 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks mate. With my Note 3, the call log shows messages and calls received/made/missed, which is stupid. You can set it to show only calls, but then it reverts back again. Perhaps this was rectified in newer software versions, but as standard the Note 3 shows calls and messages in the log.

    Any advice on the Exchange Security bypass would be appreciated.
  5. Hello,

    I am a Samsung Representative that works in Best Buy, and I can tell you that the problem with the call logs is only for the Note 4. I have had both the Note 4 and now the Note 5 and the Note 5 doesn't do that. It only shows calls in the call log section. As far as needing a PIN/Password for your email, if your Note 4 does not require a PIN/Password while having your current emails in it, then the same should apply for the Note 5. It's usually the email that forces the phone to give that password, not the other way around. So if the email you have on your phone now isn't requiring you to have a lock screen password, then you should be fine on your Note 5. Additionally, if you are going to be using a Wallet service, like Samsung Pay or Android Pay, those will require you to have a lock on your lock screen (i.e. PIN/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint). I hope this answers all of your inquiries.
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  6. alec92

    alec92 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi Kaitlin,

    Thanks for your response.

    Regarding the exchange security settings, my exchange server demands a PIN/Password but my phone is rooted and I've been able to get around it.

    I will need to do the same with the Note 5 somehow, as I literally pick up and put down my phone at least once a minute throughout the day, and I can't put the PIN in every single time as it reduces my efficiencies significantly.
  7. Ah then yes, you will most likely have to root your Note 5 as well to get around that.
  8. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    It's (root) easy enough with the T-Mobile version.
    Just a BTW:
    Root is a one-way street,as for tripping the Knox e-fuse. You can always restore back to full stock/unrooted,but,you can't reset the Knox fuse.
    If I remember correctly, Samsung Pay might not work on a Knox-tripped Note5.
    I do believe Android Pay will work (unrooted),not sure.I don't use either & haven't kept up on the latest regarding either format of payment.
    Definitely something to consider if the feature of either is important to you.
    The XDA Note5 forums have the latest on all things root for the Note5......
  9. alec92

    alec92 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys. Once rooted, how do I bypass the settings in the normal email app?

  10. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Most Touch Wiz ROMS have the feature baked-in.
    If you're gonna just stay stock-rooted,check for apps in the Google Play Store that may allow for the bypass,or,if that or an alternative e-mail app doesn't do the trick,you can go the Xposed module route.
  11. alec92

    alec92 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks KOLIO, my preference would be to root and use an app if available.

    If not, should I go Xposed module, or a ROM? What's the difference?

  12. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Here's an article that does a much better job of explaining the Xposed framework & modules system:

    A ROM is more of a replacement of the entire O/S with a tweaked version of stock,or,other ROMS that are AOSP Based or Cyanogenmod Based.

    Myself,if you cannot find rooted apps app to do what you wish,I'd look for a Touch Wiz (stock) Based ROM with the features baked-in.A lot of ROMS have Xposed baked-in as well.

    Sounds like a lot? It does if you haven't ventured into Xposed/ROMS before,but,it becomes 2nd nature after a while.
    Best thing you can do is exactly what you're doing right now,research & ask questions.

    For the most detailed info on root-related Note 5 items,a visit to XDA-DEVELOPERS is in order.
    Before installing anything,make sure it's for the version of the Note5 you have.

  13. alec92

    alec92 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks KOLIO. My Note 3 has a Custom ROM with Xposed, and the Xposed Exchange Security Bypass patch was working fine until a few weeks ago when it suddenly stopped working for some reason... This is why I'd rather avoid using Xposed again, as it's already failed on me once.

    Does anyone know a way of bypassing the exchange settings using just a rooted phone, or will I have to go down the path of a custom ROM/Xposed module?

    If so, which ROM would you suggest is close to stock, but with the bypass patch?


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