Can I fix PlayerPro. Or should I try PowerAmp Player?

OK after 2 nights and hours and hours and hours of reading reviews and about 4 hours of reading through the boat load of music player posts.
I finally said the hell with it and gave PlayerPro a try. I paid the 4.99 for it and started using it.
Everything was going great untill I ran into about 12 to 15 songs that sound like crap playing them in PlayerPro.
I can play them in Google Play Music and they sound fine. But in player pro they sound all staticky and messed up.
Any one Else have this problem with just a few songs? Can I fix it?
I don't care for the way Google Play Music stretches album art and I don't want all the internet or streaming garbage. Just want a good music mp3 player. That has good album art screens and features.
Any one have this problem with PowerAmp Player?
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