Can I get a Smaller keyboard?


I have a Droid X2. The phone is phenominal, I love it.. Before I got the X2, I had a Samsung Galaxy Prevail. Yes I was on Boost and went to Verizon. lol. Now, here's the thing. I found it very easy to use Swype on the Prevail with one hand just because I could easily reach across the keyboard with my right thumb.

I don't want another phone- What I want to know is, with all the developers hanging around here, does anyone know of an app that simply makes the keyboard Smaller and maybe shift it to one side of the screen or the other to make it easier to type one handed on a giant phone?

I have seen many keyboards out there, but not with the functionality of swype, so instead of trying to get another keyboard, maybe there is an app that may just Scale the existing keyboard down.

It sounds logical that someone would think of this, especially when the size of smartphones are going up, up, up, but the size of hands are not.

Thank you in advance for your input.



The Doctor
Hacker's keyboard can be adjusted so that it will take up less space on your screen, but im not sure if it would fit the bill.