Feb 28, 2011
I'm going there for two weeks at the end of November. my rooted HTC one v is my backup phone. can I make it compatible with international? what would happen if I flash a Philippines ruu?
Well since it isnt an international one v with sim capability,I dont see how you would be able to configure settings related to carrier,probably not completely impossible but then again may be a lot of effort for nothing. I do not suggest flashing the international ruu for the device considering it does not have sim. In best case scenario I am assuming you wont have access to actually use the phone for calling but may be able to use wifi for a data signal if there is a local open wifi connection. May be able to use wifi based calling via app. Worst case scenario nothing will work and you will have to reuse the original U.S. ruu IF it doesnt completely wipe your carriers info from the device because you used the international RUU. IF it does wipe the carrier are looking at issues that may make it a working brick as far as using it to make carrier based calls,texting and data.