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Can I Reflash Earlier ROM?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nightsabre, Nov 4, 2010.

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    A bit of background info first!

    We're having a problem with my wife's Hero (T-Mobile G2) for the past couple of weeks.
    It's gobbling battery at a stupid rate and I've already tried all the usual fixes (re-formatted the SD card, and reset to Factory Default state) but to no avail.
    I reset it again last night, and just left it in its default factory state, and in Airplane mode, and it still used up 30% of its battery overnight in about 6 hours.
    I've also ruled out the battery itself by switching it with my healthy Hero's battery.
    I can't see any unusual services running on it either.

    I've installed the ES Task Killer app, and activating that it shows the memory usage drop to 0, but then moments later jumps back to 1. (it stays at 0 on my phone). I'm starting to think "virus"??

    The only thing left, that I can think of to try, is to reflash the last ROM that HTC/T-Mobile provided. But that was provided when the Hero's were still running Android 1.5 and we're on 2.1 now.

    So a couple of questions...
    * Can I reflash the phone with that ROM now the phone is running 2.1?
    * And if so, will I have to get the OTA Android update again too?

    (also, if anyone can think of anything else to try to fix the battery issue, I'm all ears!)

    Thanks for listening!

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