Aug 8, 2012
Hey guys, Android n00b here. Just got my S3 a couple days ago and love it.

I'm going from a Blackberry 9700 to the S3, and as such, I find myself looking for similar features between the two phones.

Is there a setting in the Settings or something so that the phone only locks when I press the key on the right side of the phone? To that point, is there a setting so that the phone will NOT lock when the screen turns off?

When I'm just sitting at my desk at work, I'd rather not have to unlock the phone every time I want to respond to a text or check an app, etc.

So far, the only work around I've found is to turn off any sort of device lock, but I'd still like the ability to lock when I know I'll be away from my phone.

Welcome to AF, SeriousBusines! Unfortunately, I can't find a way, other than to set your screen timeout for a very long time, or disable lock altogether. There may be a way using Tasker, but you would need to be rooted for that.