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Support Can I still update?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by spalex, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. spalex

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    Dec 2, 2010

    Dec 2, 2010
    Hi there,

    I have just this minute registered to the site in order to see if anyone can help me.

    I have bought a HTC Desire from eBay a few months ago locked to T-Mobile. As I am on Orange I found away to unlock the phone

    Around 2 days ago I decided to update my HTC and all went well until I noticed that the wifi had failed to start and that the wifi refused to be selected. So I decided to check for another update believing it would fix my wifi issue and proceeded to update. (Not to sure what the updates are).

    This update made the phone act a little strange. When I turned it on I noticed I was unable to find any signal, an error message appeared stating "sorry - process system is not responding.. Wait or Force Close", the wifi had really gone funny with me, the SD Card was not being read nor was it being found when I connected to it to my PC, the phone continually rebooted itself and the status bar would not drop down but only freeze my phone. I tried a factory reset about 10 times which did not fix the problem.

    So I rang HTC and they thought it was a problem within the motherboard. I then began researching this matter which led me here and thus a solution was found.

    I managed to use an SD Card adaptor in my laptop to create a goldcard and found the update "RUU-MoDaCo-Bravo-1.15.405.4-release" which managed to put my phone in its original settings from before all of this mess.

    I tried the update again to see if it worked however resulted in my phone going back to the first part of my problem with the wifi becoming fauly so I restored my phone again by doing the method above blah blah...

    So what I just want to find out is that can I still update my phone officialy from HTC?

    And can I restore my backed up files (including a backup folder) on my pc which I copied from my SD Card before all of the above happened? So for example, can I get my original settings, messages etc?

    If you are confused heres a breakdown:

    Bought HTC from eBay
    Locked to T-Mobile
    Unlocked it myself as I am on orange
    Updated the phone a few days ago
    The update killed my wifi
    Thought a new update would fix
    The new update made problems worse
    Tried to factory reset - didnt fix
    Managed to restore back before all the crazy stuff happened
    Can I update HTC Desire now without incurring any stupid errors?
    Can I restore the backed up files from my PC onto SD Card?

    Thanks alot for reading, I really do appreciate it!



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