can i "upgrade" using phone insurance for the new s3??

I currently have the Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 and I have the phone insurance. I want to know if there is a way to swap it for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and just pay the deductible (ya know like how the other carriers let you upgrade after 1 year)

the s2 has had a lot of problems and I did do the update to GC01 but I am not completely satisfied. I want the new s3 but if there's way to get it by doing a swap and only paying the deductible ($100) that would be awesome.
I've read on another thread someone did just that 3 times and just said the phone was defective....(sounds a little to easy to be true)

(thanks in advanced to those who do answer this, I am a newbie to the forum:))


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Damn..I was kinda hoping there was a sneaky way to do it. Boost should jump on the "upgrade" train. I would think they would make more money.

Thanks SimpreTuna :)
The only way you would get an upgrade is if they were out of the S2, and even then you would probably get the HTC SV One, or maybe even the Boost Force. Both of them would be a slight downgrade from what you have now.


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Why would you want to cheat Boost Mobile?
I don't understand why some folks are always trying to find a way to pull the wool over someone else's eyes.....