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Can it be done? - Camera w/Eye-Fi (EyeFi) -> Android Phone -> WD2Go App -> External Hardrive

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kraftydevil, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. kraftydevil

    kraftydevil Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone have experience using a real camera with an EyeFi SDcard and then automatically transferring those pictures to their Android phone?

    Here is the feature I plan to use, directly taken from an EyeFi ad:
    "If you are not near one of your designated wireless networks, the Eye-Fi card will create its own Wi-Fi network on the fly...capture those amazing views and instantly transfer them to your smartphone or tablet."

    I'm interested if anyone has done this and if there are any limitations.


    For extra credit, has anyone been able to get pictures from camera to phone, and then from phone to network hard drive, by using something like the Western Digital WD2Go Android app? It basically sends pictures to an external network drive as you take them on your phone. My goal would be to add another link in the chain, by using a real camera.

    I know you can use EyeFi with actual WiFi networks to send to your computer, but I would like to avoid that, since I already have the WD2Go app that sends pictures whether I have a WiFi connection or not.

    As I mentioned, this is the end goal:
    Camera w/Eye-Fi (EyeFi) -> Android Phone -> WD2Go App -> External Network Hardrive

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  2. Tijuanatom

    Tijuanatom Newbie

    Eye-Fi has an Android app that will take care of the first half of your problem (camera>phone):
    Eye-Fi App for Android | Eye-Fi Support
    For the second half, I don't kow about WD2GO, but I have automatic uploads enabled for media files in Dropbox on my phone and that works fine (camera>phone>Dropbox). If you set the Eye-Fi receive directory on your phone to whatever folder WD2Go is looking at, it should work.
  3. me10lee83

    me10lee83 Member

    I've uploaded from my Sony DSC-W150 to my Android phone using the network created by the card. You can have your phone upload what it receives from the card back to your computer, which theoretically could be the WD if it's a drive on your computer (though Eye-Fi doesn't support this).

    Not sure about the WD2Go app. Tijuanatom said set the Eye-Fi receive directory on your phone to where WD2Go looks, but you can only change whether it delivers the files to the SD card or internal memory (depending on the phone), whichever place it is it will be in a Eye-Fi folder and that can't be changed. But maybe you can set the WD2Go app to look there? Or once they're on your phone, manually share via WD2Go.

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