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Can it be ported/emulated?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by snapcase, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. snapcase

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    I just thought of a few things I've yet to see but would love to see ported or emulated.

    This one might sound odd since it was a flop overall... but an N-Gage emulator (yeah, that N-Gage, the crappy phone that wanted to be a handheld game system). I know there are N-Gage emulators out there for the PC.

    The one reason I'd want to see this is for the Elder Scrolls Travels game Shadowkey. I got a thing for the Elder Scrolls series and never could play that game since it was only on the N-Gage. I'm eagerly awaiting a stable version of DOSbox for android so I can try and load up Elder Scrolls: Arena, and maybe even Daggerfall.

    The other two that got me wondering, again ES games, are Stormhold and Dawnstar. They're java-based phone games. They were made for non-smart phones, and I honestly have no clue if they could be ported or not.

    Finally one I thought would be cool to see on my phone after finding the old manual for it... is Myst. I honestly can't remember if it's DOS based or not (if it is then guess waiting for aDOSbox would be best) and wikipedia doesn't mention DOS on the Myst page. The style of game that it is I think would be just perfect for an Android phone.

    So, yeah. Unless there's another project for DOS aside from "aDOSbox" out there, the real questions are can an N-Gage emulator be ported/made and can those old dumb-phone games be made compatible?

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