Help Can malware links have the same pc impact on android?


I have always had encounters with malware links on both my PC and on Android phone
On my PC once the link was clicked the malware would jump into my PC but my Antivirus would stop it in time

But on Android I would open such links
Nothing would happen and my day would go normally like nothing happened

However that was in the past when my device was still an up-to-date phone (my phone is Android 7)

Recently I opened a malware link and I thought "just like in the past nothing would happen"

However this link I clicked seemed to be more serious and dangerous as it has reached out public news channels and even some government pages in my country and they warned about how "really dangerous" it was.
So from what I have heard the link does a "drive-by download" and injects hidden malware that requires special softwares and tools to be found and eliminated and that this type of malware can gain root privileges instantly on the phone and hide itself completely from the average user (also claimed to hide itself from the settings app list)

But in my country people usually heat things up and add fake complicated info to simple situations so I don't know if what they say is true

Could links really do such things to phones or is it just fake info to spread fear among people?


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Yes and no to your query, because it's actually a lot more complicated. Yes clicking on a link tied to malware can have an impact on an Android device, and no malware targeting PCs will have an effect on the operating system running on PCs but not the Android operating system. The issue that needs to be emphasized is malware is a generic term that is not specific in any way. It can apply any one of numerous things that are intended to be malicious in one way or another. So in your example, clicking on a link that may insert some kind of PC malware into an Android device is just one of any number of scenarios. Specifically a Windows executable cannot do anything to an Android device, but the important point to note is not all malicious links tied to some kind of malware are the same. And not all malicious links will do anything all to a computer or mobile device, they're focusing on prompting the user to do something like log into a faked web site or provide user account authentication details.
If you truly believe this to be some kind of hoax just to 'spread fear among people', there's little anyone can do or document proving otherwise. For the rest of us, well all that's needed is to apply common sense to everything we do online. There are decades of proven examples that we should.


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if you knew that the link was malware, why did you clink on it? you need to use common sense......regardless if it is on android or pc.
I didn't actually know at first
I opened and it was one of those "DOWNLOAD APP TO WIN" links with the $0.01 website UI where buttons don't even work except for the ones they want you to press
So I saw that and immediately left and scanned it on Virustotal