Can my charging port on my tablet be fixed? And my phone dying around 80-90 something percent


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May 4, 2023
It's currently on 1% I have it off. Long story short I missed up my charging port by constantly yucking it out . It still could charging but the charging wouldn't go all the way it just would go halve way enough for it to charge but I couldn't hold the tablet or the charging would drop out. I had to use tape and do it in away it ould stay and charge. I stupidly took a scissors and out it into the charging port moved up and down and now the charger goes all the way in but doesn't charge. Can this be fixed ? All my info and stuff are on it. Also my phone heat up on the camera and does quickly on 80-90 percent and even if I have the charging in it still drops quick. Is it the battery or something else. Also the charging light on my tablet is blinking red on and off any clue what that means. Please reply, please.
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From what you say I suspect that the battery is dying, though diagnosing without having seen the device is always uncertain. But if you've taken scissors to the charging port and it no longer works then it sounds highly likely that you've damaged the port as well (charging ports contain relatively delicate electrical contacts, so sticking hard foreign objects into them is risky).

Can't say what a red flashing light means because that type of thing will depend on the device.

So yeah, I'd say get someone to look at it. If it is just the battery and charging port then these things should be fixable (but make clear to the repairer that you don't want it reset: manufacturer's service centres tend to do that, smaller shops probably not but best to make sure). And please take a backup of anything important as soon as it's working: if data are only on the device they can easily be lost if anything happens to it.