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Can no longer preview Gmail attachments?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lescooper, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. lescooper

    lescooper Lurker
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    I have downloaded Adobe and QuickOffice to preview Gmail attachements. All will work well for a while untill I eventually start getting an Error Message - "An SD Card is required to download attachments" It is like it no longer recognizes the Internal SD Card. (Internal SD Card shows almost 13GB available space - I have not added an external SD Card)

    I am not trying to download - just preview. I have been through Samsung Tech Support 2 times and ended up having to do a Hard Reset both times. After the reset it works for a while untill I start getting the same Error Message again.There must ba a fix - short of having to repeatedly do Hard Resets??!!

    For what it's worth - I have had the Captivate from day one and have not experienced any of the other issues. Even Google GPS works great and I use it every day here in Houston. No Rooting, and I run stock applications.

    Hope someone can help because unfortunately this issue is a Captivate Killer for me. I work in magazine publishing and need to be able to preview graphic ads on the go.

  2. GaryS1004

    GaryS1004 Lurker

    I have just gotten off thew phone with AT&T about this exact same issue. Can you download apps from the android marketplace?? AT&T wants to exchange the phone for a new one. I hope that this is not going to be a big issue..

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