Can no longer turn off the 'app is displaying over other apps' notification


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Jun 17, 2011
Owensboro, KY
Samsung Galaxy A03s with Android 13 (One UI 5.x)

I'm using a third-party edge panel app (which has widgets not found in the Samsung one and allows me some more room for shortcuts once I've maxed out Samsung's edge panel) and it displays a handle of its own and works fine. But I can't seem to turn off the 'Android System Edge Screen S10 is displaying over other apps'. the 'turn off notifications' is greyed out and there's no setting within Android system notification options to disable it. I ended up force stopping the Android System process and it went away, but obviously after a reboot it will come back.

Did Google take away the ability to turn this blasted useless notification off or am I missing something? Before I'd be able to turn it off by long-pressing the notification or finding the category under notification settings and switching it off there.
have you tried going into developers mode? on my z fold 4 in developers mode there is an option for "allow screen overlays on settings". see if that is on or off. i think by default it is off.
I did that, and that made the option return. Not sure why it's now hidden in Dev options, but it worked. Thanks! I read similar posts online but they were specifically referring to Messenger and it involved 'bubble notifications' which doesn't apply in my case.