can not add google account on htc sensation xl x315e

Hi there,
I have just got a htc sensation XL x315e. I live in Australia. When I try to add a google account, it comes up with the following message:can't establish a reliable data connection to the server

Also I cant access youtube on this phone

Can anyone help



Hello and welcome to Android Forums. Here is a link to your phone's home forum. It's there that you will find the best support for your device.
HTC Sensation XE - Android Forums It sounds like your data connection is not solid enough at your location. Have you a local access such as a router? Can you connect to anything on the internet? I hope you can solve your connection problems with the help of the good people in the Sensation area.


i also experience that on mu HTC SENSATION XL check wifi, check mobile data set apn, reboot the handset still cannot connect to the internet, please help. is it something to do with the software update or something???