Root Can not boot to CWM

I'm almost afraid to ask another question but I'll give it a shot and cover my head. I have tried researching this and have not found anything and I have read enough post that my sight is starting to blur. I downloaded the Calkulin/clemsyn v6 (for 1.2 BL) and I was going into CWM to do a b/u but, I can not boot to it I can only boot to Android recovery system. Has everyone other than me probable knows it is similar to CWM but not as in depth. There is blue print on the top half of the page and yellow print on the bottom. The yellow print says: E: can not mount /dev/block/mmcb1k2 no such file or directory. E: can not mount SD card2: recovery/command. I went to ES File Explorer and it shows that I have CWM and there are two b/u's from yesterday. So, I am stuck again.
I though when i installed NVFlash/CWM that it would give SU but when I tried to install Busybox the installer said it could not install because I was not rooted same with Titanium Backup.:...(