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can not copy files to a new samsung galaxy tab 2 gt-p3113

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cr4ck3d, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. cr4ck3d

    cr4ck3d Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hello every. merry christmas...

    i have a new samsung galaxy tab 2 as mentioned in the title, and i can not copy any files to the internal memory via usb cable and the android file transfer. i have tried jpegs and some .mobi ebooks i have downloaded. i tried putting the files in several places with no luck. each time i get "can not copy *.* to device" or something of those lines.

    i mostly bought this device for ebooks, but now i don't know what it is....any suggestions would be appreciated.


    edit: forgot to mention i am on a macbook pro running osx 10.6.8

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  2. trianglepinoy

    trianglepinoy Lurker

    Was in the same boat. Can never get that Android File Transfer app to work between my Tab2 and OSX Snow Leopard and Lion.

    Only way I was able to move files into (or change anything) in the sdcard is via Samsung Kies.

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  3. cjebs

    cjebs Newbie

    I've never had a problem using the usb cable. I plug it into my laptop (a Win 7 pc) and it shows up as external device with two options Tablet or Card (my sd card) and I copy files from computer to card or Tablet.

    I also use the usb cable to transfer ebooks from Calibre, which I have set up to put the ebooks into the Kindle app location on the internal memory.
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  4. cr4ck3d

    cr4ck3d Lurker
    Thread Starter

    okay maybe i should read the calibre tutorial and see how to try that....that's been the most helpful piece of advice yet.

    thanks for the replies everyone. still open to more suggestions.
  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    may be you should format your SD card and try.
  6. cjebs

    cjebs Newbie

    If you are using kindle app to read nonkindle books they need to be on the internal memory in the kindle folder...not the android/data/com.amazon.kindle folder where kindle books download to.
  7. Hoity Toity

    Hoity Toity Newbie

    The general way for me to say this is just that pretty much all the software except for Kies air pretty much does not work unless you have an SD card adapter or a USB Micro Sd Card adapter.

    I use the USB micro sd card adapters and it works perfectly, all i need to do is generally drag and drop them into the sd card and it automatically organizes my stuff into neat little folders for me.

    you can buy the usb micro sd card adapters off here Buy the Ultra Micro SD USB 2.0 Card Reader at TigerDirect.ca

    They're pretty great, I originally got mine with a R4i, made for the nintendo dsi
    still works like a charm on my Tablet though.
  8. kbbru

    kbbru Member

    Eh? :thinking:
    I have been moving files back and forth between my PC and the tablet (both internal and external memory) without problems since I bought the tablet, just by using drag and drop in Windows Explorer. So what the OP is describing should work fine without buying any extra adapters.

    Too bad the OP has given up on us. It would be nice to know if his problem has been solved

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