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No wifi please help
Are you connecting to your own router, or are you trying to connect to someone else's router? If to someone else's, that's the problem.

If to your own, does your router have a little button (a lighted area on the front on older blue Linksys routers, a button on the back on newer ones labeled with a "sync" symbol [2 arrows going around a circle]) for WPS (Wifi Protected Setup). Check the manual if you can't find one. Android connects very easily with WPS. Just press the button, select the network, and the phone connects.

If not, is any device connecting to the router and getting an IP address? If not, it's the router's fault.

Long-press the connection and see if you have settings or advanced settings. Make sure that DHCP is enabled or Static IP address is disabled. (They're opposite ways of saying the same thing.)

If other devices are connecting and getting IP addresses, you're going to have to connect to the router with a computer and check its DHCP settings to make sure that there's at least one slot left. If you're allowing 3 IP addresses in DHCP, and 3 devices are connected, the fourth won't get an IP address.

If none of that helps, make a free account here, so we can continue the discussion in this thread and we'll see what else we can do. You might want to install Wifi Analytics (it's free) - seeing what's out there could help diagnose things. Like if the phone is far from the router and there are couple of other networks on the same channel, the phone might not connect properly. (And changing your router's channel is simple.)
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