Jul 22, 2010
I have a rooted Vibrant on Tmobile, original ROM. I started having a problem last week of not being able to make a back up of my current ROM. I accidentally ran the option to install Update.zip this morning and now I get "Can Not Mount External SD card error". I ready tried flashing an old ROM but ROM manager tells me it needs an working SD card.

I tried numerous combinations of removing the external card, using the USB to PC cord, USB debugging and even flashed to stock form . No luck. I scrubbed a few online combos and ideas. Im stuck on this one.

Right now its in stock form with the ext card in it (I checked it it looks ok in another PC and on Pupeee Linux). I added ROM Manager, Astro, and Root Explorer. in Astro the SDCARD folder is empty :-(. I know the card has data on it. Is this a partition issue??


I can get into Recovery mode if that is a start...
From what you told, I understand that there is no problem with the SD card on computers. And you flashed a completely new ROM, did a factory reset and get things back in their ways, except for your SD card.

I want to ask you what kind of update.zip did you install? Or seem like installed? And did you make a change on SD card since you got the first error?

If it has data on it but your phone doesn't see the data, then it might be file system format. I assume you see the data in any computer. Then, try to format in normally in your pc. My old SD card got the same issue, I formatted it on Vista, and didn't choose to format it quick. Don't make a quick format and make sure that you restored device defaults.
How To Format a Micro SD/SDHC Card OnWindows XP/Vista/7 & Mac : xpertron.co.uk Like the photo in that page :)

Try this and tell me what happens.