Can not open any application as an apk



I am using a Samsung Galaxy 3 with android 2.2 and I want to install some application what is downloadad from many different sources.
I have red many questions about this issue but could not find a solution to solve it.
So now here is my problem:

1. I copy the choosen .apk file on my SD card.
2. I have downloaded ASTRO file manager.
3. I have ticked the option installing non-android applications.
4. I want to open the apk file from there but when I click on app installer I onyle get a blank screen and under the details I receive the following error message:

Could not open xy.apk as APK file.

I am really going mad now I have reading forums for ages.:mad::mad::mad:

Please help!!!



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Yes, I did...

I have copied some music on my phone in the meantime but after trying to playing them the media player says that the file format is not supported... They are just plain MP3 files nothing special...

What is going on???
Why does not my phone recognize file formats?


Hmm, sounds like something is getting corrupted in the transfer or save of data.

Things I would try:
  • Using a different computer to do the transfer
  • Ejecting the device properly after use via the taskbar in windows or finder in OSX
  • Trying a different SD card if you're using one, perhaps a friends that the files work on

See how that goes, if you've still got issues post back.


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I have copied the files via bluetooth now and it works... this is really strange, actually I am using my company laptop for the transfer. I think it has some protection what disable me to copy confidental files... but then why bluetooth works?

thanks anyway Luke if You do not tell these recomendations I would never tried bluetooth.
Glad you got it working!

Also one thing I didn't mention is try a different cable, but if your company runs software copy protection software that could well be the culprit.