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Can Samsung phone cross-link data with other watches?

Discussion in 'Android Wear' started by mystvearn, Sep 12, 2016.

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    Jun 7, 2010

    Jun 7, 2010

    I have a watch which I only use when I go to important meetings or need to see the time (lectures) so that I don't overshoot the time. The current metal band timex watch is about 240gm. Heavy and bulky since it has this built in magnetic compass in the watch (not on the band) itself. The watch itself I think is <40mm in width. I think similar to the galaxy gear s2. I have a small wrist and Fossil watches are out of the picture. Almost all the time weekday the phone is in my pocket and calculates my steps. Almost everyday I go walking with my child after work and bringing the phone around with me is a slight hassle (since my wife will call me when his food is ready(. I kind of like the new Samsung gear watch if I can leave the phone at home.

    If I buy a Samsung wearable, will I be able to cross link the data between the watch and the phone? Can I buy another kind of watch and sync data? What kind of smartwatch should I buy? I kind of like Withings watch where its more analogue with a bit of smartwatch where I don't need to charge the battery every other day. My mom has a garmin vivofit 2 which last a year. I prefer that kind of battery which I can replace rather than have a built-ni battery.



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