can sign in google account without wlan?


I wanna sign in my google account
but not on the phone or tablet
It haven't wlan that is wifi or 3g device
I tried to sign in it, but device say just find wifi.
And it haven't wlan so i can't add wifi
I googled create dummy wlan interface, but no relate result
help me please.
is there way sign in google account without wlan?
also not attaching wlan device.


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Thanks for your reply
I connected with wired LAN cable
but log in framework keep telling me 'no connection, add(? or find?) wifi'
in Android Virtual Device, has virtual 3g connection so it can login.
my device has not 3g connection or wifi module but wired LAN.
if you right, my device can sign in google account too.
but it can't ...


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I'm confused...
1. Do you have a phone or tablet or just a virtual one running in emulation?
2. If a phone or tablet, which one?
3. You have it physically connected by a wired connection?
4. Is it connected directly or via a router?
5. Can you connect to the internet?


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Sorry, I'm poor at english...
1. Neither, but physical device
2. it's custom device.
3. yes
4. i connected via router
5. yes, web browser is working very well

ps. i succeed sign in account through youtube App
but i want to sign in via settings -> accounts & sync menu
should i make login account app ?