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Can someone answer my ?'s This is Kind of an Emergency

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mdcowby, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. mdcowby

    mdcowby Member
    Thread Starter

    I rooted to gummycharge 2.0 can i wipe that rom and install another off of my SD card ???

    I went by this guys instructions when I rooted but I think I missed a file


    It seems to work but I don't think I have this NEW! EP1W Modem Firmware Files (MD5: FD02E32FBBDF2614C28019F6DEA291B7)
    This is a set of leaked modem firmware files that are said to help improve 3g and 4g performance on the Droid Charge.

    He did not give any instructions when and how to install this, all I did was the sd card fix, the clockwork and gummycharge 2.0 my phone works but I am having a lot of reboots and just does not seem to be working as I would hope, have I forgot a file or something my battery seems to be draining way to fast any help in this matter would be great, I can never seem to get the right info on what needs to download, I am rooted cause gummy comes up but as I said I'm having some issues.

    I have this file was I to install it in my SD card and install it that way or that odin program.. can I still do it or do I need to do all of this over can you give me a step by step way of getting my phone right, Thanks


    Also what is the difference between Froye & Gingerbread I guess I just would like to know what runs best in my droid charge. I think I'm wanting to put gingerbread De-bloated on my phone gummy seems to be rebooting to much for me, but maybe its cause I dont have that EP1 installed and having GPS like maps come up white screen and have to pull battery. phone just seems messed up.

    Do I need to flash back to stock to install another Rom..????


  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    ROMs for the Charge typically come in one of two versions. A version that needs installed via Odin -OR- a version that can be flashed via CWM (Clockwork Mod Recovery). The two are not interchangeable. So, if you have a CWM ROM, you can wipe and install it from your SD Card and phone. If it's an Odin version, you have to do it from a computer.

    Your second question has to do with the Modems. They are optional and are not required to be used (though it would be recommended) and won't cause any real issues if you don't use them.

    Think that answered your questions... let me know if I missed any :)
  3. mdcowby

    mdcowby Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok thanks the one I rooted to was having some reboot and gps problems right off the bat so I did this
    I rooted this to my phone
    Gummy Charged GBE 2.0

    The phone seems so much stable now no reboots and got into GPS no issues But Now

    the Apps I have installed in my SD Card will not reinstall automatically also it does not show I have any when I have over 20 installed on it, also it wont let me ad apps to SD Card it just says move to USB Storage I like having my apps on my card does this build not allow this. or did I install the wrong ROM... My phone info is below here my phone runs so much nicer just would like to use my SD card for Storage.. let me know if what I have looks right to you in my phone now, Thanks.

    Droid Charge

    About Phone INFO

    Model Number Gummy Charged GBE 2.0

    Firmware Version


    Baseband Version

    i510.06 V.EP1

    Kernel Version

    Build Number


    Can anyone give me some info whats wrong. ​
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  4. trparky

    trparky Android Enthusiast

    I'll work on drawing up instructions on how to load the modem firmware files. It's just that I'm only one guy here trying to give back to the community that helped me make my Droid Charge into a phone that I can actually use.
  5. trparky

    trparky Android Enthusiast

    Can you access your SDCard? Write anything to it? You can try to make a new folder in File Manager.
  6. trparky

    trparky Android Enthusiast

    Though, the apps that are already on your SDCard from your past ROM installation will have to be re-installed from the Market. I have no idea why the phone won't re-assimilate the apps from the SDCard automatically. That's why most people like to use Titanium Backup to backup their apps since it can restore them for you from backups it makes on your SDCard.
  7. mdcowby

    mdcowby Member
    Thread Starter

    It used to say instal to SD Card / now it says Install to USB Device maybe thats why it wont install what I have oj the card, who knows, I wiped the card to start all over and same issue says install to USB device
  8. stueycaster

    stueycaster Member

    I'm not sure how Android works but it could be like Windows. A program's info has to be installed into the registry or the computer has no clue where it is or how it needs to be run. Just a guess.
  9. stueycaster

    stueycaster Member

    I wouldn't install apps to my SD card anyway. I would think that unless your card is ripping fast your phone will be faster reading off the internal memory. I have a ton of apps installed and it only uses about 30%. I was one of the unlucky ones that got a Class 2 SD card. Some others got a Class 4. Of course I don't really know but that's the way I'm using mine.
  10. mdcowby

    mdcowby Member
    Thread Starter

    Question on the Titanium backup app are you to back up every file I have a shit load of them does not give an option to back up at one time have to click one by one to back up should I just back up what I install why are some of them have a list color some are white, green and red whats the meaning of those colors looks like the white ones are my apps I uploaded.. if you have the free one how do you have yours setup if I may ask...

  11. mrterry

    mrterry Member

    apps that show up as red in TiBu are system apps, and should not be backed up. Between ROMs, they can be written differently, and restoring a system app from one ROM to a new ROM can cause trouble.

    Green and white ones, however, are user apps and can typically be backed up and restored with ease. Yeah, its a little tedious to click each one, but well worth it in the end by saving you tons of time reinstalling them, and not losing progress in games.
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  12. trparky

    trparky Android Enthusiast

    If you open up Titanium Backup and go to the "Backup/Restore" tab, press the Menu button and a menu tray should pop up. One of the items in the menu tray is called "Batch". Tap the screen for Batch.

    Now you have different options. I'm only going to list the options that are important to the average user.

    Backup all user apps This is obvious, it backs up the apps you've downloaded from the Android Market Place.
    Redo backups for modified data This backs up the data for your apps. For example... if you are on Level 35 in Angry Birds, doing this will save that data. When you have to reinstall your ROM for whatever reason and have to re-install Angry Birds, the data that states you've passed all the levels prior to Level 35 will be restored.
    Redo backups for newer app versions This is obvious, it only backs up the apps that have been updated from the Android Market Place since the last backup.
    Backup all new apps & newer versions Again, this is obvious. It only backs up the apps that have been updated from the Android Market Place since the last backup and adds any new apps you've downloaded as well.
  13. mdcowby

    mdcowby Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks a million, your help was greatly appreciative.

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