Apr 17, 2012
Greetings. I purchased a Virgin Mobile Optimus from Ebay many months ago. However, it was just today that i opened it and tried to activate it but I have lots of problems. For one, after I put the battery in, I then have to charge it because the battery is low. However, i see a screen where i have 2 options but each option... i cannot click it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I click it but neither of the 2 options work. I followed the instructions on the phone to open it and then it says follow screen to complete process. Well... i do not see any of this. Or do i have to do this online first.

Also, if i somehow open this phone in another state because im on vacation for a few weeks, will the number matter? I'm from NYC and heading to nevada. So if i activate the phone in nevada, i should still get an area code thats nyc?

I had thought it was very easy to set up a smartphone... its my first. But it is way too complicated for me.
If the phone sat for a long time the battery is gonna have very little or no charge. Charge it fully using wall charger. If you try charging with a USB cable plugged into a computer it can take a very long time to charge. If after charging battery still doesn't work you will need a new battery.

The 2 options you are speaking of, do they involve activating? You will need to setup an account with Virgin by calling them or going online before phone will activate. I'd suggest calling them and they can help you get it setup if you're not sure how to.

I would get number for where you live. You can use phone anywhere in the US no matter what number is.