Can Someone Please Help Me?! I Really Need It..

I have a Lg Optimus Logic3 Android and I'm having a problem with it. I plugged it into my computer and my autoplay popped up.. I had 2 removable disk files pop up as usual and when I unplugged my phone out my computer my music and pictures just disappeared and one of my removable disk files wouldn't pop up it said "insert a disk".. So i used my other one and now i can't really even download anything on there it keep saying "The root of drive K:\ is formatted with the FAT file system and can only store a limited number of items. Store the items in a subfolder, or reformat the drive using the NTFS file system". and I been trying to get it back for like a hour.. I turned it on and off and I took the battery out and stuff hooking it back up to my computer and it still didn't work.. so I restarted my phone and I tried to transfer music from my old phone to my Android and it didn't work and THIS IS MY 1ST PROBLEM WITH MY PHONE.. Please help!! :-(
This is the phone I have


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I believe your device is the LG 9, I will direct you to that device forum for proper help and support, see below

LG Optimus L9
Optimus L9 - All Things Root

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Have you made sure that you have the USB drivers downloaded for your device? This can sometimes cause issues between transferring files on your computer?

Please check :D

Anyhow, get back with me on how that works, otherwise thanks for joining :D