Can someone please resize this pic for my wallpaper


Hey fellas, I just got my Hero earlier this week and I am customizing it to my liking. I am a huge soccer fan, and with the World Cup draw yesterday I am wanting to put a US Soccer wallpaper on my homescreen. I have found a few I liked but just don't know how to resize them. Can someone please resize this pic and maybe enhance the quality. I have been trying to find one that looks "HD" quality so it really looks great on my Hero. Thanks anyone who can help me.
Here is what I would like resized in the best possible quality


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Thanks for the help, can you please post another with the original backgroud ? Also, is the pic above sized for the Sprint Hero ? Thanks so much


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Still looking for it with the plain background?
I'm not familiar with the Hero but 640x480 looks like the size of background images on it. The image size is larger than the screen resolution because of the 7 home screens and the image moves slightly when you flip between them.

I also cleaned up the outside area so it is just a solid red instead of the weird lines.


and here is the white one