Mar 16, 2010
Las Vegas
Thanks in advance...And by the way, I've Factory re-set after 2.2 OTA and all seems fine now...Just want a couple good apps, 1st for downloading music, and 2nd for downloading YouTube Videos...
If you send me a PM with an email to send to, I got something you can use to download music, and I think I got the original Dolphin (not HD, regular) browser apk laying around where you could still download videos if you went to the YouTube website directly.
For downloading music, I use the free Music Search app. Some songs it might not find, other ones it may have several versions of it.

Did I mention it's free:

Music Search - Android app on AppBrain

As for downloading Youtube, I understand they have disabled the ability to download vids with an app**.

**Not sure if you can do this with root or the 2.2 update