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Can someone rooted test this out for me please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Berry2Droid, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Berry2Droid

    Berry2Droid Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    One big Ide want to root is for the flash player, but im thinking the one website I want to access still wont work with the updated flash for our phones. So I dont really wanna go through all the trouble of rooting if it still wont work. So if someone could test this out for me that would be great.

    The website is www.hit106.com If you could go there and click listen live and try to see if it will stream the music. If it does, ill root. If not, then Ill just wait for regular 2.2
    Thanks in advance.

  2. DIncmanDan

    DIncmanDan Member

    Worked for me, rooted using adynalynes frankenrom and the flash player he includes with it.
  3. kkl1993

    kkl1993 Well-Known Member

    worked for me too. i am just rooted, not using any other roms. but i could use the site even before root.
  4. b1gg134

    b1gg134 Well-Known Member

    rooted with 8/1 release of 2.2 and it tells me I need flash installed.
  5. DIncmanDan

    DIncmanDan Member

    cant you install it from the market?

    Edit: Adobe Flash Showcase. Search for it in the market.
  6. TheHouseIT

    TheHouseIT Newbie

    Just so you know you can root and then unroot if needed. As long as you do not use the UnrevokedForever application for S-OFF.
  7. Berry2Droid

    Berry2Droid Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You've heard of hit106 from florida? lol and you actually loaded their flash player and listened to radio?
    Nothing when i search for that.
    Yes i know, ive rooted. Im not running a ROM yet though. Just rooted.
  8. Berry2Droid

    Berry2Droid Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    yu've heard of hit106 from florida? lol and you actually streamed music from it when not rooted?
    nothing in that search
    Yea i know, ive rooted, just no rom yet. Idk what to get i dont wanna brick lol
  9. DIncmanDan

    DIncmanDan Member

    If your using 2.1 still you cant use flashplayer, you need a 2.2 rom. Root and then use a 2.2 rom and download flashplayer from the market
  10. CombatTalon2

    CombatTalon2 Newbie

    listening now. rooted running 8/1 leak. 2.05 radio.

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