Can someone use Maps App without Google?

A friend of mine typically never uses data and is logged out of Google on her phone. If she needed GPS help, she would purchase some data. But could she then use the Maps App without being logged into her Google account?


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It's possible to not use any data with some navigation apps that let you download entire maps beforehand using WiFi. Since the map is already on the phone no data is used for GPS navigation.

Google Maps can also work offline by downloading maps in advance, but you can only download a small area (one city for example). Look for the options in the settings.

Using "GPS Only" for finding your location does not use any data - it communicates only with satellites in orbit, not carrier towers or WiFi.

and is logged out of Google on her phone
If you mean she doesn't even use Google Play, she can download the OsmAnd Navigation APK from F-Droid: