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Can the Evo do my laundry?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MyHTCevo, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. MyHTCevo

    MyHTCevo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  2. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    lmao.. i like on the stain type the description is "item 2 detail"... guessing its not ready for prime time
  3. gibsonhtp

    gibsonhtp Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if Android gets put on refrigerators so it can send the info to your phone on what groceries you need, or the washer and dryer to run it from your phone, it'll be your remote control for all of the boxes around your tv, start your car and control the electronics in it, etc....

    sorry, kinda started going off, hehe.
  4. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    Hah.. it actually gives me ideas for playing around...
  5. MyHTCevo

    MyHTCevo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yep that's what I was thinking. Dishwasher, washer and dryer (during off peak hours to save money), Google TV (managed from your Android phone of course), Sprinkler system (I live in the desert) and when it rains you shouldn't be watering your grass so you can turn it off using your Android phone. The list goes on and on. And yes the car is by far the coolest of them all!

    All you need is wi-fi for all of those which all would have if they are in reach of your home router!
  6. gibsonhtp

    gibsonhtp Member

    would be great if the phone was your key for the car and be the display for your car to control a/c / heater, show gas tank level / mileage you're getting , temperatures, etc...I mean Android with the Evo already takes care of your navigation, voice searches / text messages, car kit for talking on the phone, FM radio tuner, mp3 / audio player, etc...

    ahhhh...I could go on forever, hehe.

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