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Can the Moto G Handle Netflix Video Streaming (on 3G)?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hisense, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. hisense

    hisense Member
    Thread Starter

    I would like to buy the new 2014 Moto G for my teenager and was all set to go until I learned it did not have 4G LTE. This does not seem like a big deal for social media and emails, etc. However, I am not sure about video streaming from Netflix---which will be used when we are on the move away from Wi-Fi.

    Is anyone using Netflix via their mobile connection? I have T-mobile with 4G LTE capability in my plan and I guess the Moto G would only run on 3G and so not sure if it can handle Netflix.

    Appreciate any user experiences or feedback.

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  2. jmatherly411

    jmatherly411 Android Enthusiast

    T-Mobile also runs a HSPA+ 42Mbps network which is also considered a "4G" network to them, even though technically speaking its considered 3G. Check T-Mobile's coverage map and make sure they have HSPA+ in your area, more than likely they do if you are covered by LTE. I am running my Moto G on AT&T which also runs a HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) network along side there LTE network. I average around 8-11Mbps download on HSPA+ and don't have a problem streaming Netflix. T-Mobile and AT&T's HSPA+ networks run circles around Sprint and Verizon's 3G EV-DO networks.
  3. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert

    Using it with T-Mobile here, and HSPA+ indoors, I can safely say that I have yet to have any problem with it. I've only had one instance of it dropping a frame while I was riding in the car in motion, but it recovered almost immediately, which is more than I could say of my previous provider.
  4. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid.

    For HD Netflix requires 5Mbps, which AT&T and T-Mobile HSPA can do in most areas, slower speeds will drop the video down to SD.
  5. caseyjp11

    caseyjp11 Member

    Getting 6+mb/s here in Denver on H+ with metropcs (t-mobile). Netflix works perfectly.

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