Can we have an Outlook Sync / Samsung Kies / PC Studio area on the forum?

Hi there,

For Samsung users: I just wondered if it would be possible to create a child forum for Samsung Kies / New PC Studio issues. I know - everyone hates these two rubbish and clunky programmes - but they are the official releases for updating and syncing for Samsung phones. It's just so hard to browse the forums (even using search) and to pick up on a relevant thread / post. Rather than posting something someone else has said or asked before, would it not be good to have a central place to discuss issues of the Kies / NPS variety?

For Android Users: Another one is a child forum for MS Outlook... like loads of other people, I use Outlook to run my life, but there is no tidy way of using the powerful functions in Outlook and duplicating them on my phone - google calendar sync is rubbish and doesn't replicate reminders, and contacts are often duplicated. And tasks - don't bother. And what's this other than glorified hotmail? I read that it would sync Outlook with my mobile, but so far, I can't figure out how to do it...

What do you think?

Best wishes, and sorry for MOANING! :eek:


If there is enough noise out there involving Kies/PC Studio I suppose it is worth a consider, but only if there is a fair bit. We have so many forums we really need to pick and choose new ones carefully. Most that we make like this, on a whim, don't ever pick up speed anyway.