Apr 9, 2023
On my Galaxy S22 phone (running Android 13), when I tap the Recents button on the navigation bar, it shows "# active in background" at the top of the screen if I have # apps active in the background (assuming # > 0). If I then click on "# active in background", a window will pop up labeled "Check background activity", and I am able to force stop any of my apps that are running in the background from that screen. I use an "app blocker" app called AppLock Fingerprint (from the Google Play store, developer SpSoft), and I can easily force stop AppLock Fingerprint by doing this, which defeats the purpose of having it. Is there any way to disable the "# active in background" button, the "Check background activity" window, or the Recents button on the navigation bar itself?
you can turn on developers mode and then limit the background processes.
thanks, but i'm not really trying to limit background processes; i'm trying to prevent myself from being able to easily force stop an app (Applock Fingerprint) that's running in the background. is there anything in developer mode that would help achieve that?
Why is applock so important to keep it running in the background?
Android itself runs perfectly fine without an app to tell it what to do.
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