Can you do these toggleable "modes" with Tasker?


Is it possible to do diffent modes with Tasker that you can toggle with single click or using NFC sticker? Basically I'd want it to toggle between modes like HOME, SLEEP, CAR, OFFICE, OUT etc. so that one sticker would set one of two modes or if one mode is already active, then toggle it to the other.

Simple example would be HOME/OUT NFC sticker: HOME: WiFi on, Bluetooth off OUT: WiFi off, Bluetooth on When I touch the sticker, it should toggle from HOME to OUT or OUT to HOME, depending on which one is active OR set one of them if the current configuration combination of WiFi and Bluetooth is neither one.

Most of the NFC sticker programming tools seem to have awkward thinking where one touch can only set one mode or toggle single options not recognizing their current states. I'd want to make tasks to be a bit smarter instead of dumb toggling. If Tasker is a tool for this, I'll happily pay but for an Android app it's a bit pricey and there seems to be no limited or ad funded version to try out.