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Can you give me an advice? Which phone has better battery life and camera than s10 lite?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by germandowski, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. germandowski

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    was determined to buy the s10 lite but I saw some comparison videos on the camera and now I'm changing my mind. The photos look "washed out" compared to other phones in the same price range.
    I thought about: xiaomi mi 10 lite, one plus nord, honor 20 pro, huawei p30.
    Do you recommend me? (without curved edges)

    THANK YOU!!!

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    "Washed out" is an unusual accusation to throw at Samsung, who usually value "crowd pleasing" over "accurate" in their colour reproduction in my experience.

    To be honest though a comparison video is a lousy way of assessing camera quality. Video is lower quality than still, so a reproduction of an photo in a video review can never show the full quality of the image. And if it's a video of a screen showing the photos that reduces quality further and adds 2 other distortions to the colour (the colour calibration of the screen and the colour profile of the video camera itself). So if you want to judge the quality of a camera you need to look at the actual pictures it takes, not someone's video of them. This gives 2 options: read some reviews (text & images, not video) which include full-resolution images or find a photo-sharing site which allows you to select pictures by the device they were taken with. Judging based on a video review is making a decision based on poor quality data.

    Samsung often use different processors, sometimes different image sensors, in "the same" camera in different regions, both of which can affect image quality. But I've only found one processor variant for the S10 Lite so maybe you don't have to worry about that particular complication. Sadly my favourite site for phone camera reviews only does a handful of phone reviews per year, so the S10 Lite isn't included there.

    One thing to remember with all reviews, still or video, is that they are made with the firmware of the time (usually the initial release). Manufacturers do sometimes improve image quality with firmware updates, but it's very rare that reviews revisit the device to update their review.
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