can you help me please with Note 5

can someone help me please with Note 5
I have bought a Samsung note 5 from Dubai and it is working on my sim card at Egypt internationally for 5 months without problem.
I discovered that it is a Verizon modified to work internationally!!!.
However I was going to sell it and i did a factory hard reset to delete my personal data then the night mare began.

First of all the phone stuck at the set screen of accepting the terms and never reached the point where i can input my google email and password, whenever I accept the terms it get back to the first screen of language selection.

then i tired some pc applications to bypass the FRP lock but one of them made an uncomplete download which give an error and i can only enter the odin download mode nothing else ??

My question now is, if I installed a fresh Verizon firmware (using ODIN) will it solve this problem and let me use my local/international sim card line as before or shall it get me back to Verizon original firmware that is locked only to their lines ??
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