Jul 6, 2013
hi. is there a way to create a password for accessing my android phone? i've seen people with iphones access their phones with passwords. i was searching for something similar for android but couldn't find anything.

do you want to set up a password before you can use your phone from the lockscreen? or when turning it on? lock the applications? lock files? accessing from internet?

which phone?

if youre looking for just the normal screenlocking, go to the settings, lockscreen and choose the way to lock your device (several ways to lock it).
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hi. sorry for the lack of info. this is my first smartphone. just got it a few days ago : )

it's an LG nexus 4.

what i mean about the password is just a security measure to prevent someone from accessing the information or files on my phone if i had misplaced my phone somewhere or had it stolen. so i guess it would be requested upon powering on the phone and when unlocking.
hi. thanks!
i actually found two things. one is the encryption you mentioned. however, before encrypting it requires that i set a pin. so i've created a 4-digit pin which is needed to unlock my phone.
so now i'm a bit confused. if now my phone is protected by a pin number, why would i need the encryption?
also, is there a downside to encrypting? is there something i should consider before going ahead and doing this?

thanks again!
I was just thinking that it may be worthwhile to mention about the other security things because you are new with smartpjones. I know many of users dont use any antivirus software, but atleast for my own mental health, im using :D There are couple handy application for free in Google Play: trustgo antivirus and avast antivirus. I used to have paid fsecure before, but nowadays Im just trusting these couple free apps (thanks to avtest site, lol). To be honest, I havent had any unwanted programs in my devices during the last 3 years i have been using android.